Piling and foundation works 

The construction company MEGAPOLISBUD offers the following services:

Piling installation: bored piles, inclined piles.

Device of sheet piles

device of sheet piles with application of inclined piles
device of sheet piles with application of bored piles

Foundation construction

foundation works using inclined piles;
foundation works using bored piles.
 Earth works

Soil excavation, soil compaction, soil removal and disposal;
delivery of soil, fertile soil;
pit excavation;
diaphragm wall and retaining walls to hold the slope;
embankment filling and excavating.



The company “MEGAPOLISBUD” will provide a detailed advice on construction and design work and will give recommendations on optimal design of frames.

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CFA piles how it is done

We work on Zhmachenko, Kiev

Works on Podil

Test piles

Industrial dewatering


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Дозвіл на Рроботи
Дозвіл на Рроботи
Дозвіл на Рроботи

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Identity code of the legal en tity: 36146554

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Mailing address: LLC "MEGAPOLISBUD" Business Center AiTiAi, Magnitogorsk str. 1,

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